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Bike4tourism is an inspirational world bike event of the year 2021 and will take place on May 30. 

Athletes’ Journey LLP is honoured to be an affiliate of this inaugural event. 

Do you miss traveling? This is the biggest event that will make you travel the world and also show your corner of the world just using your bicycle. 

The goal is to have as many participants as possible, in every country, riding bikes and sharing pictures of the most beautiful places near their homes. 

Through the sharing of images we will virtually cross cities, countries and continents! No passport is needed, just a helmet and the will to leave home, feel the wind on your face, discover or rediscover the places that surround us and show them to others.

It is true that the participants will not all be riding together, nor in the same place, but they will be able to meet virtually in our group - bike4tourism - to share their bike trip and their pictures. 

On two wheels, we want to promote sustainable tourism and healthy living habits

In the end, you may be left with even more desire to travel, but you will also have a huge guide of photos and incredible places, recommended by those who know them best. 

It could be the starting point for many more trips. 

Anyone can participate in this event. And to encourage family bike rides, there will be free tickets for children and young people up to 18 years old. 

We want everyone to join this initiative, because we intend to achieve a new world record, transmitting an idea of hope, sharing and union. 

Isolated, but together!

United by the desire to cross borders again, by the taste for the bicycle, and by sharing. 

Another important factor of this event is that part of the money raised will go to support an environmental cause, and another part to help businesses in the tourism sector that have suffered drastically from the total stop of travel. 

Bike4tourism is a disruptive way of traveling around the world, getting to know places that otherwise we would not have access to. To find out all the information you should visit our website and sign up for our Facebook group @bike4tourism.

To register, please go to the link:


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