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Featured Races

  • 1 Tokyo Marathon 2025
  • 2 London Marathon
  • 3 Berlin Marathon
  • 4 New York City Marathon
  • 5 Frozen Lake Marathon
  • 6 IX West Coast Trail
  • Tokyo Marathon 2025

    The Tokyo Marathon 2025 course symbolizes the past, present and the future of Tokyo. The race starts in front of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and ends in front of the Tokyo Station, next to the Imperial Palace.

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  • London Marathon

    The London Marathon course is flat and fast, and is run around the River Thames.

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  • Berlin Marathon

    A World Marathon Majors race, Berlin is famed for its record-breaking race course, mild weather, and legendary crowd of supporters turning the race into one giant marathon festival.

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  • New York City Marathon

    The New York City Marathon course is a 26.2 mile block party through the world’s most diverse city, and it’s a model for big-city marathons around the world. It has the largest number of runners, exceeding 50,000 and is possibly the grandest marathon in the world.

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  • Frozen Lake Marathon

    Have an experience of a lifetime running on a frozen lake in Gol, Norway

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  • IX West Coast Trail

    The Icebug Xperience is located in Bohuslän, which is possibly one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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TCS London Marathon - new date for 2022


TCS LONDON MARATHON TO TAKE PLACE ON SUNDAY 2 OCTOBER 2022 London Marathon held in October for third year Organisers confirmed today that the 2022 TCS London Marathon will take...

2021 Boston Marathon will not take place in April


This is the latest update from the organisers of the Boston Marathon: The Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) has announced that the 125th Boston Marathon, traditionally held on the third Monday in...

Tokyo Marathon 2021 will be held in Autumn


The organisers of the Tokyo Marathon 2021 have changed the race in March to an Autumn race The Tokyo Marathon 2021 will be held on Sunday, October 17, 2021, with...

Boost Employee Wellness Through Endurance Sports


No More T-Shirts: Boost Employee Wellness Through Endurance Sports If a person’s body is the engine of their individual performance, I like to think that an employee workforce is the...

Discover Life

We will take you on a discovery journey of life around the world 



We will take you on a discovery journey of life through marathon races around the world including majors like Tokyo, London, Berlin and New York.


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trail race

Trail Race

We will go off the road to the mountain trails for a paradign shift in the beauty of running, and at the same time be up close and personal with nature.


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adventure trip

Adventure trip

We will see the wonders of Mother Nature through bike tours, trekking and outdoor activities which may not be accessible to most tourists on conventional path.

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camp retreat

Training camps

We organize training camps to prepare athletes for their respective marathon and triathlon races under care of experienced coaches.

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  • High-Return Exercise

    Spending more energy to exercise a greater amount is not necessarily a wise investment. If the energy investment remains constant, the return decreases during each successive training session. For optimal fitness gain, only make investments that yield worthy return. For endurance athletes to be successful, the two prime elements are cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength.

  • High Net-Gain Nutrition

    The body gets energy from food by way of nutrients. The more energy the body must expend to digest, assimilate, and utilise the nutrients in the food we give it, the less energy we are left with. Essentially, what high net-gain eating does is eliminate excess work for the body. And as we are aware, work without benefit equals uncomplimentary stress.

  • Darkness for improved sleep and recovery

    Darkness releases melatonin, a powerful sleep-enhancing hormone and antioxidant. Its release is dependent on the amount of light the body is exposed to. As light fades toward the end of the day, melatonin is released. This melatonin helps prepare the body for sleep by reducing alertness and slightly lowering the body temperature.

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Their Experiences

  • On 16 April 2018, I crossed the finish line at the 2018 Boston Marathon amid pelting rain and icy wind, to claim my Six Majors Marathon medal, a journey which I embarked in February 2014. A major part of this journey was made possible by Athletes’ Journey (AJ) – New York 2014, Tokyo 2015, Berlin 2015, London 2016, and Boston 2018. For some of these races, I successfully balloted but chose to travel with AJ to these races because of the sense of family and camaraderie provided by David and Sven at these races. During these race trips, you meet and form a bond with other fellow runners from so many countries and walks of life – Singaporeans, Malaysians, Thais, Indonesians, Filipinos, Hong Kong, Brits and many more… As I now pursue marathons on the remaining 3 continents (Africa, South America and Antarctica), I am looking forward to achieving some if not all of these with AJ.

  • Many thanks to Athletes' Journey for the excellent arrangement for the Berlin Marathon. Special thanks must go to the lovely couple, Nicolas & Jackie, and Jonathan, for taking the extra mile to make sure all of us are well taken care of and our minds are not distracted by other things before the race.

    SM Cheong
  • I have to say ever since signing up with Athlete's Journey for Berlin Marathon 2014, the experience has been amazing. Since then I have engaged them for NYC/Tokyo/ Marathon Du Mont Blanc and now the coming London Marathon 2016.

  • Athletes' Journey's arrangement was great and the Berlin Marathon was an outstanding event as well.

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