Athletes’ Journey is dedicated to bringing to you the finest sports events & adventure tours on the planet. We are constantly working with the organizers of carefully selected events & expeditions to provide our clients with guaranteed race entries, memorable experiences and the best possible travel deals.

Tell us your favorite destination, let us learn about your journey, and share with us your vision and dreams. We will work hard to make it happen.

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Run the World

Tokyo – Boston - London – Berlin - Chicago – New York

We feel proud and honored to be the official International Tour Partner for all six of the marathon majors, and have secured entries into these most spectacular road races globally - the Tokyo Marathon, the Boston Marathon, the TCS London Marathon, the BMW Berlin Marathon, the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and the TCS New York City Marathon. It is our intention to serve many more regional and international races through exclusive partnerships.  Join us for an unforgettable journey – the journey of running the world.


Commence your Journey

Swim – Bike – Run – Trek

We will trek & bike in the mountains of Bhutan, swim in clear waters at different islands of South-East Asia, explore the volcanic region of Java in Indonesia, and run wild and free in forested areas. In the midst of these expeditions, we will connect with the people of these lands and see the similarities we have with one another. These adventures will give us a deeper insight to who we are, our purpose in life, and a greater discovery of life itself. Being one with nature & humanity is a great way to commence our journey in life.


Explore your Limits

Great Wall – Himalayan Kingdom – Swiss Alps - Coastal Trails

Going off the road to the trails creates a paradigm shift in our relationship with the sport of running. We will have a greater awareness of the body & mind, and a deeper appreciation of the beauty of nature.  We will take breathtaking runs at the Great Wall of China, one of the 7 wonders of the world; run through the beautiful valley of the Himalayan Kingdom, the land of the Thunder Dragon; explore a different landscape at the coastal trails in Sweden; and race through the amazing sceneries of the Swiss mountains. It will be a humbling experience, showing us our limits but it will also reveal to us how much more we have in us.


Discover your Potential

Open Waters – Steep Hills – Long Roads – Proper Nutrition

Adequate preparation for races and expeditions will put our bodies and minds in states of readiness where we will be able to face the challenges ahead with greater tenacity. We will be in a more informed position to adapt to different situations and manage expectations. We will have a better feel of what we are capable of doing, and how far we can go. These qualities are achievable through systematic and customized programs, and/or training camps under the care of our experienced coaches.


Find Yourself

Meditation – Mindfulness – Connection – Awakening

Being an athlete does not define us. It is just one of the many expressions of our soul, through our experiences here. We will learn a lot about whom we are, and the world at large, as we immerse ourselves fully into these events and expeditions. However, it is only when we let our minds be still and listen deeply that we will be awakened to our true self, and discover the connectivity we have as one with everybody and everything. The retreats and camps we have in mind, will lead you to this journey of finding yourself.