Tsukuba Kasumigaura Ring Ring Road is a cycling course located in southern part of Ibaraki Prefecture filled with lots of charms, where you can enjoy viewing natural landscapes like Lake Kasumigaura and its surrounding areas including visit historic and cultural sites

The course consists of several cycling routes
Now the course is mainly in the western part of Lake Kasumigaura but in the near future, the cycling course in Ibaraki will be spread to the Lake Kitaura area after facilities in the area are completed, and you will be able to cycle farther.

Ibaraki Prefectural Government and the 14 local municipal governments (※) are striving for creating a'circular cycling course' by utilizing each local charm such as rich nature and historic and cultural properties, since Ibaraki has good access from Tokyo, the metropolitan area. The course with a variety in attractiveness will be enjoyed for everyone and more wonderful than any other cycling courses in Japan.※The 14 cities and towns are:
Tsuchiura, Ishioka, Tsukuba, Kashima, Itako, Inashiki, Kasumigaura, Sakuragawa, Kamisu, Namegata, Hokota, Omitama, Miho and Ami.

This cycling tour is cancelled.

Please contact us again for more updates regarding our bike tours to Japan.





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